An Educational Establishment functioning to further the MILLENNIUM GOALS of the UNITED NATIONS - ECOSOC It is a SPIRITUAL WHITE LIGHT CENTER.
Its purpose is to enable souls to evolve spiritually in the quality, purity and speed of White Light. Its main educational purpose is to spread the knowledge of the ANCIENT COSMIC WISDOM. By gaining an awareness and understanding of the DIVINE UNIVERSAL NATURAL LAWS of the Almighty Creator of the Universe, every soul is enabled to exercise its free will correctly. By choosing to obey the Divine Laws, the Will of God, by choosing to help the Almighty in carrying out His Divine Plan of Spiritual Evolution of the Universe, every person can himself/herself evolve spiritually; and attain the ultimate aim of BECOMING ONE WITH THE DIVINE CREATOR.
Over millennia, the Almighty has sent great advanced souls to guide Humanity onto the Path of Righteousness. These great souls are revered as the FOUNDERS OF FAITHS. Many thousands of years ago, the founder of the MAZDAYASNIE ZARATHUSHTRIAN DAENA revealed this Ancient Cosmic Wisdom, this way of life, based on the principles of Purity and Righteousness, of Goodness; of GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS AND GOOD DEEDS; of Thoughts, Words and Deeds which are in consonance of the Cosmic Laws, by which Harmony, Health, Happiness is experienced.


This Wisdom, ASHO SPITAMA ZARATHUSHTRA taught to an inner select circle of the “White Brotherhood of souls” known as the MAGHAVANS. This MAGHA BROTHERHOOD preserved the ancient wisdom, in its fullness of spiritual practices, disciplines, manthras, way of life. It is from this MAGI group that the “3 Kings” or Wise men of the Orient, came at the time of the birth of Lord Christ. The Maghavans still survive in sacred secret spiritual enclosures in certain places on this Earth. This is the Ancient Spiritual Order of Holiness having THE PRACTICES WHICH ENABLE EVERY SOUL TO GAIN THE GOLDEN LIGHT OF THE HALO.

This is a Universal Center for Development of Body, Mind, Aura, Halo and Soul. Every Individual person can develop at his /her own pace and way.

Do you wish to live in a peaceful atmosphere amidst lush coconut palms under blue skies and sunshine in green countryside beside a river bank, close to one of the best beaches on the west coast of India? Do you wish to absorb the Cosmic influence and evolve with Happiness?
Then come to the one and only Zoroastrian College in the World; Be a part of the Mazdayasnie Cosmic Center.
The Zoroastrian College functions as an “Outer World” Spiritual Centre; for the benefit of persons from all countries who are spiritually fit; and who wish to experience this Way of Life and develop and grow in their inner powers.
It is open to all persons from any country in the world, who genuinely desire to live within this Spiritual Community, and develop their inner consciousness, by practicing the daily life disciplines of obedience of the Divine Laws. These are the Cosmic Laws that are administered by the Archangels and Angels – the Amesha Spentas and Yazatas. It is open to any person to reside within this Spiritual Community for some time and then go elsewhere to start another Centre so that the knowledge of the Cosmic Laws is spread for the Universal Benefit of Humanity, in the 21st Century and the Aquarian Age to come.
The Zoroastrian College Campus is still is the process of construction. Since 1982, the well of pure life-giving water, the Agricultural Research Centre, and Rural Health Clinic and a part of the main College Library Research Centre have been built with some residential accommodation for research scholars and persons from all countries in the world who want to come here to stay and learn the ancient Wisdom; experience the way of life in harmony with the cosmic laws, attain Spiritual bliss, Inner happiness enlightenment and Spiritual Evolution, to fulfill the purpose of life on planet Earth .
The Spiritual Ruler of the Aquarian Age – known by the Title of SHAH BEHRAM VARZAVAND SAHEB – has come forth into his Rulership, in February 2001. The People of this Planet Earth need to have their Spiritual awareness and Consciousness aroused and developed to a level where they can benefit from his Rulership. The work of the Zoroastrian College is being carried out under his divine spiritual guidance and direction.

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