Spectro Chrome Metry Instruments with the founder – Col.Dr.Dinshah P. Ghadiali

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Lord Pandit Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya,Chairman, Medicina Alternativa in Sri Lanka from 1973 to 2005. (R)Late Dr.Dara R. Hakim, Pioneer of Integrated Medicine, Hakimry Allopathy, Ayurveda, Spectro Chrome Metry with ZC President Meher Master-Moos,Pioneer of Mazdayasnie System of Diagnosis and Treatment and Dr. Anton Jayasuriya Pioneer of Homoeo Acupuncture.

TRIBUTE TO LORD PANDIT JAGADGURU PROF. SIR Dr. ANTON JAYASURIYA by Dame Dr. Prof. Meher Master-Moos, President Zoroastrian College

It all began with Aura Kirlian photography. The Russian Scientists had discovered this technology and I acquired the equipment in 1977 and pioneered the system in India by taking the first photographs of leaves, coins and thumb prints, which were published in the Mazdayasnie Monasterie books in early 1978. Word got around in Bombay that this equipment was with me. At that time period acupuncture was hardly known in India and the western world. In 1980 a group of allopathic doctors decided to hold a 3 months training course at the Govt. G.T.Hospital in Bombay. Mantralaya health dept. wanted documentary evidence that acupuncture was a practical system of health care and simply not hocus pocus sticking needles into patients. One of the doctors of that group, Dr. Irani, approached me and sought my help to conduct a research project taking kirlian photographs pre and post acupuncture treatment of the patients in the G. T. Hospital OPD clinic which was specially opened for this purpose. For two – three months I was involved with the project, taking photographs on x-ray plates, of hands and feet bio-energy field emissions and training the doctors how to interpret the pictures in relation to the acupuncture meridians and the body health of the patients. This pioneering research project – the first time in the world – provided the documentary evidence required by Mantralaya. On the strength of my report the doctors were given permission to open acupuncture treatment section in the Govt. Hospital in January 1981. This was the first time in India the Govt. recognition was given to the system of acupuncture to be practiced in a Govt. Hospital by qualified allopathic doctors. It was a great step forward for integrated medicine.
Dr. Anton Jayasuriya was invited by this group to conduct the last two weeks of the training course, and examine the doctors and give them their certificates through MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA of Sri Lanka. On the strength of these certificates signed by Dr. Anton Jayasuriya, these allopathic doctors were given Govt. permission to practice acupuncture in India. This was my first meeting with the Great Late Dr. Anton. His vision, foresight, and wonderful way of uplifting each and every person, no matter how humble or lowly the patient may be, his cheerful sense of humour, cracking jokes with all and sundry even if smutty, his large hearted generosity, and his tremendous expertise in the medical profession all in all combined to make him the most admired, sought after, best loved, and “best doctor in the world.” He appreciated my pioneering research work; saying that after 2000 years a real scientific and philosophical frame work had been provided for the system of acupuncture. His way of showing encouragement and appreciation was by conferring Honorary Doctorate degrees through MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA of which he was Chairman on such persons all over the world who contributed to the sum total of human happiness and knowledge. He invited me to attend the World Congress in Copenhagen in 1985 where he conferred my first Honorary Doctorate(Ph.D) at a grand ceremony in the presence of distinguished personalities of Europe. He applauded and promoted my research paper book titled RAINBOW COLOURS OF LIGHT & MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA, predicting that in years to come new technologies and developments would create a new system of drugless therapies for health of humanity.
He showed his appreciation and approval of all my research work and the 10 books I had written and published through Mazdayasnie Monasterie between 1977 and 1986 by inviting me to the Malaga Spain World Congress in May 1986, and encouraging a group of some of us in Bombay to organize the first World Congress for him in India, which we did, in August 1986 at the Oberoi hotel. Dr. Himatbhai Mistry, Dr. Mangala Chavan, late Dr. Harprakash Sahani, late Dr. Shyamala Chandran and a group of us had teamed up to set the ball rolling in India to promote MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA. Dr. Anton was so pleased with me that later in October 1986, he recommended my name to the United Nations Dag Hammerskjoeld Awards committee. A grand function and World Congress was held in Colombo Sri Lanka for conferring these awards on about 20 persons selected from all over the world. I was the only one from India ; and later the same year Mother Teresa was also conferred this prestigious honour. We were the only two ladies from India to be honoured by the Dag Hammerskjoeld Awards. His greatness and humility, sense of social service and total unconcern about himself transparently shone through all his actions and activities. He could have easily taken the prestigious award for himself but he gave it to others.
At that time I had suggested to him that Sri Lankan Govt. should support his work by establishing a University for Alliterative Medicine in Sri Lanka through which he could issue his doctorate degrees and other certificates instead of through MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA which was originally established in Alma Ata in Soviet era. In 1987 he phoned me most excitedly, saying that President Jayawardene of Sri Lanka had agreed to establish our University as the President’s own private University to function world wide. He was very keen that Zoroastrian College should become the first academic institution to become affiliated with this University. We organized a conference for him in Bombay in February 1987 to get the University work started; and in 1988 Zoroastrian College became the first to be affiliated with the OIUCM. Since then there has been never any looking back.
The World Congresses were held twice yearly; he considered Zoroastrian College his flag ship and started the year with good luck with Bombay World Congress held in January and later in the year in Colombo. Gradually more Congresses were added in other countries to promote many different methods of health care and research on all subjects. Dr. Anton never missed a single World Congress in Mumbai right upto the Millennium year 2000 January World Congress. His presence was like a magnet – attracting all kinds of people, doctors, patients and others from many countries to Bombay to assemble at the Russian Culture Centre. Those were glorious years when the hall would be thronged to overflowing. Dr. Anton appreciated the support we gave him for the whole of India; and in 1993 after returning from Mumbai to Colombo he sent me a letter appointing me Vice-Chancellor Incharge of the International Legal Affairs of the Open International University for Complementary Medicine and Incharge of Medicina Alternativa Development in South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation region, a position I am proud to hold since 1993. No one could replace him in his magnanimity, lavish hospitality and sympathy. One of his most famous sayings was “there is allopathy, homoeopathy, naturopathy but there is no better medicine than sympathy” and another of his sayings was “ laughter is the best medicine|”
He was the best teacher of not just health care and many systems of medicine including Homoeo-acupuncture which he pioneered, but also how to live life fully to the hilt. He innovated many new practices – the first eye operation done in the world using acupuncture anesthesia was done by him and his life long and oldest colleague Dr. Sirima Goonesinghe a distinguished Ophthalmologist herself, in Colombo.
His sense of humour was infectious. Patients and people would get well and feel well by his very presence. He always gave courage to everybody. I remember a young Parsi Priest saying to me that when Dr. Anton passed away, he sobbed because the one man in the world who had understood him and had given him courage to go through a difficult patch of his life had gone.
His passing away in April 2005 came as a great shock world -wide to millions of MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA practitioners, patients and friends. Many grieved that the like of him would not walk the earth again.
To continue his great work in India on a proper legal footing, MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA was registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 in 2005; and also registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. The World Congresses organized here in Mumbai are conducted effectively through this legally registered Society.
This 2015 World Congress, the 29th held in Mumbai marks the 10th Anniversary of his death. His devoted friends and followers pay Tribute to him and Homage to his memory by continuing and carrying on with his work here on Planet Earth though his soul may be in Heaven. May he Bless all of us here on Earth from his heavenly abode. May his soul be happy to see that he is remembered and his work is appreciated and continued by those who came after him.
This department is the largest and most popular. It is open to all persons throughout the World who are concerned with Health and Scientific Research. The founder Department Head was late DR. DARA R. HAKIM. The International Advisory Board Head was Late LORD PANDIT PROF. DR. SIR ANTON JAYASURIYA. Chairman MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA INTERNATIONAL OF OIUCM in Sri Lanka.
Zoroastrian College conducted lectures in Bombay, and Training Seminars in Gujarat/Maharashtra /Tamil Nadu/Karnataka on various subjects; and also Diploma Courses throughout India and also in some foreign countries such as Canada, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Germany, Japan, Tajikistan, England, Ecuador, USA ,There are over 30 Professors, all working Honoris Causa, who are specialists in their respective fields who conduct the Training Courses in India and also foreign countries. The wide range of health subjects and Scientific Research subjects included in this department are indicated below:
Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurveda, AURA, Aroma Therapy, BIO-TESTING and BIO-THERAPY, Bio-Physics, Bio-Chemics, COLOUR-THERAPY, CHAKHRAS, Chinese Feng-Shui, Crystal Therapy, Distance Healing, Divine healing, Electro Homoeopathy, ELECTROCRYSTAL THERAPY, Flower Remedies, - Indian & Foreign, Glands and Hormone Therapy, Gems therapy, Hakimry, Jivadhara , Unani, Hypno Therapy, Iridology, Reiki, Japanese Touch Healing, KIRLIAN AURA DIAGNOSIS, Kundalini Yoga, Laser Therapy, MAZDAYASNIE 16 CHAKHRAS DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM, Magnet Therapy, MEDICAL ASTROLOGY, MUSIC & SOUND Therapy, 6 TASTESNARI-VAID System, Nutrition and Diet, Vitamins and Minerals, Natural Herbal Medicine, Nature Cure, Neuro therapy, P.I.P AURA PHOTOGRAHPY , Pyramids and Shapes Therapy, Pendulum dousing, Radiesthesia, Radionics, Raj Yoga, Spiritual Healing, SPECTRO CHROMETRY, Siddha system, Su Jok Acupressure and Acupuncture, TeleTherapy, Transcendental Meditation, Urine Therapy, Yoga, amongst other Health Care methods.

The Ditinguish Healers Past And Present Connected With This Deparment Click to Read More....
Late.Dr.DARA R. HAKIM -Pioneer of Hakimery Ayurveda SPECTRO-CHEROME METRY combined
Late.Dr.ANTON JAYASURIYA -Pioneer of Homeo Accupuncture
Late.Prof.Dr.SIEGFRIED HERNERDING & Dr.Frau LIZA HERNERDING(German Occult Healing System)
Late.Dr.J.M. JASSAWALLA -Pioneer of Nature Cure-Co-Founder of Nature Cure Council AYUSH
Late.Dr.SAROJ WADIA - Pioneer of Homeopathy in India -Co-Founder Homeopathy Council -AYUSH
Dr.RUMI BEHRAMJI - Pioneer of Maharashtra State Accupuncture Council
Dr.Mrs.MANGALA CHAVAN -Accupuncture
Late.Dr.Mrs.SHYAMALA CHANDRAN -Pioneer of Six state Naari Wide System.
Late.Dr.FRED FOX -Pioneer of BioTesting and Bio Therapy
Late.Dr.PARK JAE WOO -Pioneer of Su Jok System from Korea
Dr.THORNTON STREETER -BioEnergy Field Imaging Technology
Dr.SHASHIKANT SETH -Japanese Touch Healing System
Dr.BHUPEN VYAS -Aum Therapy System
Dr.MEHER MASTER-MOOS - Mazdyasnie ancient avestan diagnosis and treatment system through 16 chakras
Dr.B. LAXMI- Bio Vedic Therapy

Late. Dr. S. Nagendran, Founder of Tamil Nadu Acupuncture Council.

safely shows healthy and stressed areas of the body, and clearly demonstrates the effects of natural healing methods like Yoga
PIP Imaging is an effective and non-invasive scanning system that reveals the energy field. The energy field is made from the ‘interference and transference of light frequencies, at and beyond, the visible spectrum.’ PIP records these frequencies through a standard video camera and recodes them with a software program which converts them to energy field images. Following training, PIP software and support is available from CHEFR and is compatible with your Window 98 computer, or higher versions. PIP shows energy transference and dynamics at work, and used to provide an accurate recording of the body’s energy and monitoring the effectiveness and results of treatment systems. It determines ‘energetic stresses’ which are clearly indicated by ‘focal points and congestions of low energy’ that relate to physical symptoms, disease and sickness. It is also used to monitor and measure the effects of healing modalities, medicines and treatment methods by taking scans before, during and after therapy, see below ‘Before and After Yoga.’
Yoga Study with PIP Imaging - Investigation of Yoga on the energy field and aura
For the last 6 years CHEFR has researched over 120 natural health practices and complementary healing methods with PIP Energy Field Imaging. In this study the Yoga master was scanned ‘before and after’ conducting a single Yoga session at CHEFR’s facility at the World Peace Centre MIT College Pune India. The Yoga master and camera were kept in exactly the same position to keep parameters constant and scans consistent
PIP Images from Yoga Study - Investigation of Performing Yoga on the energy field
The first scan, before yoga, shows lower energy; dark body and surrounding energy field & transference rate. Scan 2, after yoga, shows higher energy & absorption rates; notice increased vibrancy and less dark focal points. This increase in vibrancy indicates that after performing yoga the subject has increased his energy and this correlated with an improvement in his feeling

PIP Images Scan 1 Before Yoga

PIP Images Scan 2 After Yoga

Yoga Study Results

PIP Imaging indicates healthier areas with a mixture of lighter, brighter, balanced and more harmonious patterns, symmetry and colour, both on and surrounding the subject's body. Diseased and stressed areas are shown in ‘focal points’ of distorted, darker and congested pools of blocked energy, which leak and disperse into the surrounding energy field. When interpreting PIP Images focus on the darker focal points and low colours, usually found in pit of lungs, throat and lower abdomen. The thicker congested dark red bands relate to blockages in the physical energy flow, while thinner symmetrical red lines relate to a more regular and efficient flow of the energy meridians.
In the first scan above ‘Before Yoga’ the subject has a relatively dark body and surrounding energy field reading, compared to ‘After Yoga’ Scan 2. The first scan therefore indicates the most ‘low energy’, shown as darker congested colours in focal points and thick bands, mainly in the throat, lung and abdominal areas. Scan 1 also indicates the lowest energy absorption rate, which is the body’s ability to draw in higher, brighter colours and frequencies and its efficiency to ground the lower, darker ones.
In the second scan ‘After Yoga,’ notice how the congested pools and bands seen in Scan 1, increase in brightness, vibrancy and improved transference rates. The energy blocks dissipate in Scan 2 and show the most significant increase of both body and surrounding energy fields, and the highest rates of energy absorption. Notice the grounding and dispersing of the darker congested ‘focal points’ of low energy and the increased size and vibrancy of the energy field. PIP indicates that the after yoga the subject increases in vibrancy and absorption rates, which corresponded to an improvement in his feeling and well-being.

Some of the outstanding research thesis through this dept
JAN - 2003 DR. RATNADEEP SUDHAKAR SATHE Pune Astrological Aspects Of Retinitis Pigmentosa (Night Blindness) Doctor of Philosophy
JAN - 2005 DR. RATNADEEP SUDHAKAR SATHYE Pune Medical Astrology– Myopia– Research On Medical Diagnosis & Prevention Astrological Methods Doctor of Literature
JAN - 2015 DR. MRS. SUMITA SATARKAR Pune 100 Patterns Of Pulse In Acupuncture For Accurate Diagnosis And Healing Doctor of Philosophy
Dr. JAYABALA & DR. MRS. SURIYA KUMARI Tirupur Siddha and Homoeo Acupuncture Doctor of Science
JAN - 2006 DR. SR. MARY EASSY Kerala Jivadhara – A New Medical Treatment (A C.T.C. Combination Of Acupuncture And Electropathy) Doctor of Philosophy
JAN - 2010 DR. BALKRISHNA GOVIND MIDGE Pune Re-Searching A Mind Of A Researcher And Its Nourishment - Yogic Approach Doctor of Science
JAN - 2011 DEVENDRA SHARMA Indore Psychosomatic Effect of Cartoons Doctor of Philosophy
JAN - 1997 DR. N.SUKUMARAN Bombay Atherosclerosis Treatment with Macro Elements Combination based on the Biological Transmutation of Elements Doctor of Science
FEB - 2017 K. V. GAUTAMA REDDY Bangalore Fungal Ecological Niche of “The Walking Mango Tree” Doctor of Philosophy

Tripura Complementary Medical Council- Dr. Arup Dhar Sec. With ZC President and H.E. Governor of Tripura in 2004 This activity is the work of ZC provide Health Education in Rural Areas.


1. Prior to 1962, Acupuncture was not well known in U.S.A. and Europe; and due to mainland China not being a recognised country in the United Nations, there were difficulties in sending doctors for training in Acupuncture and other non-allopathic systems to China. These systems, including Kirlian Photography, discovered in Russia, were practised in USSR in Kazakstan.
2. As USSR was then member of the U.N.O., the International Organisations, UN & UNICEF jointly sponsored an International Health Congress in Alma Ata Kazakstan in 1962; and MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA INSTITUTE was established as the result of the Alma Ata Declaration of 1962 as an International Organisation having its Head Quarters in Kazakhstan. The purpose was to enable the doctors from U.S.A. and Europe to go there for training in these Alternative Medicines Methods which were then not available in the Western World. For some years this was done; but difficulties were experienced of language, cold climate, and other problems for training doctors there.
A decision was therefore taken to shift the Head Quarters of Medicina Alternativa to a country in Europe, which would be more easily accessible, and not have problems of climate, language communication etc. Holland was selected, as the Chinese Dutch Indonesian population knew and practiced acupuncture; and Dr Jos Schade was appointed as the new Chairman, during the 1960’s. However, even this change did not bring about the desired results. The support expected from the government of Holland was not forthcoming to the extent expected, Holland was an expensive country and Dutch language still posed communication difficulties for teaching. During the late 1960’s, the International Organisations were on the look out for another country/ area of the world to shift the Head Quarters.
At that time period, the U.N. Peace University has been established in Costa Rica, so it was decided not to establish another International Organisation Head Quarters in South America. Africa was in a state of political turmoil. There were problems concerning accessibility to USSR and China. Hence South East Asia was looked at.
3. At this juncture during 1973-74 the Government of Sri Lanka through President Bandaranaiyka offered the support of the Sri Lanka Government to be the host country for relocating the Medicina Alternativa Head Quarters. The advantages of selecting Sri Lanka were many – government support, good climate, easy accessibility as an island holiday- paradise, no language communication problem, cost of living was affordable for conducting training courses in Alternative Medicines for doctors from North America and Europe who would be encouraged / inclined to come for training course -cum -holiday to Sri Lanka. The benefits from tourism for Sri Lanka and other benefits were also additional advantages for the Government of Sri Lanka to support this move. Accordingly for the past over 40 years the Head Quarters of Medicina Alternativa International is located in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka government provided the facility / use of the Kalubowila South Colombo Government Hospital for conducting the training courses in Acupuncture in the Institute of Acupuncture and Alternative Medicines. Dr. Anton Jayasuriya, who had attended the 1962 Alma Ata original conference, was appointed Chairman of Medicina Alternativa being a medical doctor of Sri Lanka and Chief Rheumatologist of Sri Lanka. He was sent for training in Acupuncture to Beijing, (Chinese Government Official Acupuncture Training Centre), by President Bandaranaiyka; and after returning from Beijing 1973-74he was put in charge of conducting the training courses in Acupuncture, at the Medicina Alternativa Head Quarters in Sri Lanka.
4. For past over 40 years, late Dr. Anton Jayasuriya had distinguished himself world wide as a World renowned teacher of Acupuncture and other Alternative Medicines systems. Thanks to his dedicated hard work and selfless service, Sri Lanka has been placed on the map globally as the Head Quarters for ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES Training throughout the world. His missionary services, training doctors from over 175 countries of the world, indefatigably pioneering world congresses and conferences in Sri Lanka every year for past over two decades, attracting allopathic and other doctors of other health care systems to Sri Lanka for training courses, and establishing centres for teaching practice of Acupuncture and other Alternative Medicines systems in every continent, and over 100 countries deserved support and recognition.
5. In order to encourage Alternative Medicines Education globally through Medicina Alternativa having its Head Quarters in Sri Lanka, the former late President of Sri Lanka, President Jayawardene in the exercise of his powers as the first Executive President of Sri Lanka, established the Open International University for Complementary Medicines by Presidential fiat in 1987, February. It was originally named as the Sir Cyril Wickremasinghe Open International University for Alternative Medicine in 1987 . Subsequently the name was changed to OIUCM in 1988. Immediately after the University was established, in several countries of the world, teaching and practise Institutions and hospitals got themselves affiliated to this new innovative distance learning system of education promoted by the foresight of the President of Sri Lanka and implemented with much hard work by Dr. Anton Jayasuriya as Chairman of Medicina Alternativa International.
The first educational institution outside of Sri Lanka to become affiliated to the Open International University for Complementary Medicines was the Zoroastrian College in India in February 1987. Subsequently the documentations were done during 1988.
After that many other educational institutions and teaching hospitals in all continents were given affiliations to Open International University for Complementary Medicines and degrees of the O.I.U.C.M. were made available world wide to persons concerned with health care.
Late President Jayawardene and also late Prime Minister Madame Bandaranaiyke personally used to attend the Medicina Alternativa World Congresses held at BMH during the 1980’s and early 1990’s; and the doctorate degrees certificates for Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science, and Doctor of Medicines(M.A.) and other awards and certificates were presented by them personally to the recipients. They were proud of the fact that due to their statesmanship and foresight, Sri Lanka had become the Mecca of Medicina Alternativa and this small island paradise country could attract not only thousands of tourists every year, but highly qualified doctors and healthcare practitioners to Sri Lanka for the annual world congress at BMH and for the training courses at the Kalubowila South Colombo Government Hospital.
6. Subsequently after the demise of late President Jayewardene of Sri Lanka, the Open International University for Complementary Medicines faced certain practical legal difficulties due to the fact that certain government gazette notifications had through oversight never been issued. As a result due to changes of government in Sri Lanka and changes of personal relationships amongst persons holding office in the subsequent governments, and for several other reasons, the persons practising health care methods in many countries around the world started facing problems, for practising on the basis of the certificates issued through the OIUCM in their own countries.
7. The original University MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA established in 1962 in Alma Ata, in the Soviet Period, still continues as the foundation and base of the Sri Lankan Private University established by President Jayawardene in 1987 by Presidential Fiat. Since the people living in all countries of the world are presently during this 21st Century more readily accepting Alternative Medicines Methods as the first point and choice of treatment in preference to Allopathy and since this global change of consciousness has largely been the result of the global spade work done through Medicina Alternativa, and through the dedicated life-time work of late Dr. Anton Jayasuriya and the many thousands of doctors who support him, a University named after him as the Dr. Anton Jayasuriya Open International University for International University for Research and Health should be founded.

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