Persons doing original Scientific research work are given a platform to bring their work to the public through this dept. Scientific research is of varied kinds. Some research directly results in improvement of economy; Other research provides gadgetry which can be used for benefit of people.

In Pune, Dr. R.N. Shukla, Senior Scientist of India formerly working with the National Laboratory ,and also with Maharashtra Institute of Technology and the World Peace University encouraged Dr. Thornton Streeter through MIT President Dr. Vishwanath Karad to establish the best Bio-Energy field research centre in India with all latest equipment from all countries. This was one of the best projects of Zoroastrian College for Scientific Research Collaboration. Dr. R.N. Shukla, also motivated another Senior Engineer, Dr. C.V. Kand India’s Leading engineer consultant for building Bridges. He submitted his thesis in three huge volumes. It is available for public benefit for all.

In Indore the Dr.Nem Nath Jain had developed the production of Soyabean as a cash crop. This largely helped the production of food providing employment to farmers and also providing food for the increasing population of India and other countries. He started Prestige Group of Companies for development of factories for Soyabean production . His son Dr. Davish Jain submitted his research on Soyabean production for three Doctorate and Post Doctorate degrees. This has helped for providing food for Millions of hungry people in India and other countries. F.A.O. should take Cognition of his work. The Prestige Group Companies has also started the Engineering colleges and Management Colleges and Schools for the children of their staff and employees.

In Mumbai Zoroastrian College president encouraged every person to produce through his genius the new Ground Breaking Technologies which benefit Humanity.DR. DARA E. RUPA, Internationally renowned civil engineer Chairman of IMOS and pioneer of non corrosive testing technology is the brains behind BIO RHYTHMS break through. He discovered that the Human Being is coded with 8 BIO RHYTHMS functioning from birth to death. The daily changes provide accurate information in advance of Days when there is high risk of accidents to occur; so that flight pilots, Train Engine Drivers & Bus Drivers can be kept off duty on those monthly days of high risk from driving. This safety precaution can save thousands of lives.

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